07 April 2010

Buying time

On this week's Slate Culture Gabfest, the gang discusses a recent venture where they created a nondescript, bizarre montage of apocalyptic images, with insects, gas masks and mushroom clouds, topped with ominous narration and paranoid instructions to an equally nondescript website:

There was no product or meaningful message.

The commercial aired late night, during reruns of the Glen Beck Show.

Based on tracking information and the 1000 people who typed in the URL, those rapscallions at Slate, determined their little ad reached 1.3 million people.

Total cost: $1,300.

This made possible by the good people at Google and their TVads feature. This will allow anyone capable of using a camcorder and uploading video, to create TV advertising and have it broadcast nationally. One can bypass the marketing and network middleman and just buy time.

Thirteen hundred bucks to reach 1.3 million people. Waldrop has to have that in the petty cash drawer.


Anonymous said...

I think it was very smart to show the add during the Glen Beck show. He is a God an the future of our country. I love Glen Beck and thanks again for spreading the word of this good man.

Anonymous said...

It's Glenn Beck, morons.

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