22 April 2010

The hits just keep on coming

For those of you who haven't noticed, I have been absent from teh interwebs. Sorry. Life, you know.

I imagine, somehow, most of you managed just fine without my insipid aper├žus.

This hiatus will continue for the foreseeable future while I wrestle with fixed point theory and lambda calculus.

Given the sense of duty your humble scribe feels towards you, dear reader, I tear myself away from precious moments of study to bring you this development, from the the folks who made free stats a commodity.

By the bye. Is NTRA.TV adrift somewhere in a brainstorm session or is that just too radical to conceive?


frank mitchell said...

I've noticed, and the loss has been measureable. If you have a moment, email me because I have a couple of questions you might be able to answer.


Anonymous said...

I admire your resolve to study. With the Hawks in the play-offs and the KY Derby, much mind time is devoted.

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